Where is 3RR?

The following map shows where my two wheels (and an occasional boat) have taken me.  Houses represent Couchsurfing, Warmshowers, friends, or other ways of staying with real people; fires mean that I camped or squatted; and money signs mean that I paid for a hotel (shudder) – no doubt the cheapest one I could find.  Other miscellaneous signs can be decoded with a click..

3RR is currently: on the Indian subcontinent

3RR in Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

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3RR in East Asia: Korea, China, and Taiwan

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Milestones and other statistics :


2015.02.01/ Day 900 Enter India (Again).  3600km over 44 days and still at it.

2014.09.27/ Day 773 Enter Nepal.  1508km over 127 days.

2014.05.29/ Day 652 Enter India. 2780km over 121 days.

2014.04.28/ Day 621 Enter Myanmar.  1540km cycled, 204 by van over 28 days.

2014.02.02/ Day 536 Enter Thailand (Again).  2269k cycled over 85 days,  plus 923 hitchhiked, 1888 via bus, train and boat.

2014.01.03/ Day 506 Enter Cambodia.  1207km over 30 days.

2013.12.21/ Day 493 Enter Laos (again).  333km over 12 days.

2013.11.05/ Day 446 Enter Vietnam (again).  1791 km over 47 days.

2013.10.19/ Day 430 Enter Laos (again).  455km over 18 days.

2013.07.11/ Day 330 Enter Thailand1961km over 101 days, with another 1400 by bus and 1400 by plane.

2013.06.12/ Day 301 Enter Laos.  640km over 30 days.

2013.03.22/ Day 219 : Return to China.  Bus:400km, then random meandering about Yunnan.  3437km over 82 days.

2013.02.24/ Day 193: Arrive in Vietnam.   Cylcle to Hanoi, train down South and back, then cycle around NW.  Bike: 800km.  Train/Bus: 4000km.

2013.01.27/ Day167 Return to mainland China. Commence official 3RR.   Xiamen – Nanning – Vietnam 1200km.  Bus: 700km.   

2012.11.08/ Day 087 Boat to Taiwan; ride around the island 1.5 times. 1900km.  

2012.08.14/ Day 001 3RR begins, nameless and formless, in Dalian, China.  4200km to Xiamen.  Train: 430km.

2012.07 Warm-up trip up South Korea’s east coast. 700km.

2012.05 Warm-up trip around South Korea’s Jeju Island. 500km.


11 Responses to Where is 3RR?

  1. Chris says:

    So, is there a legend for the icons used on the map?

  2. Chris (aka Aunt Christine, aka Tizzy to my other neices/nephews) says:

    Thought I left this post before .. but I don’t see it, so I’ll write again.

    Are you planning to go to Cambodia? Somewhere around Phum Chhong Koasou, Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap, Cambodia. If so, I may ask you to pay a visit to Nou Tat ..

  3. Emily says:

    Hey! What’s your plan with Myanmar with the whole civil war thing? Looks like you’re having a good time over there, little bit jealous πŸ™‚

    • Michael Roy says:

      Only a little?!

      The plan with Myanmar is pretty much not to go there. Foreigners are allowed in at certain land crossings, but you generally have to leave your passport at the checkpoint and pick it up when you leave, meaning that it’s not possible to enter on one side of the country and leave from another. Also, yeah, the wars and stuff. And, from what I’ve heard, the border with India isn’t open except to locals, and even then only sometimes.

      So, the other choices are to go through Tibet (similarly full of logistics problems), to find a boat out of Kuala Lumpur (unlikely), or to fly. I have a feeling I’ll wind up doing the third, even though it’s by far my last choice.

  4. Africanomads says:

    we travel since almost one year and we also would like to cross the Myanmar border from Tamu to Moreh in India. We are now in Thailand and we will go through Mae Sot in a few days.
    We spoke with the Indian Ambassy in Thailland and they told us it is better to do the visa in Myanmar because closer to India. It takes 5 days and you can do it in the Yangoon or Mandalay.
    If you have some fresch informations about MTT please let us know.
    Good luck to you, maybe see you in Myanmar.
    Clo & Toni

  5. Andrew Poland says:

    I still keep finger crossed. You are great ! Go to the Poland. I’m waiting πŸ™‚

    • Michael Roy says:

      μ•€λ“œλ₯˜ ν˜•λ‹˜! μ „ 천천히 μ„œμͺ½μ„ ν–₯ν•˜κ³  μžˆμ–΄μš”, 쑰금만 더 κΈ°λ‹€λ € μ£Όμ‹­μ‹œμš”μž‰

  6. lea says:

    Always so great adventure !
    I’m so happy to read you ^^
    I wish you the best like always ! and you know what ?
    I will go to korea next week ! Finally leaving thai after a year and half… I will go back to france,
    I wish you will find some way to visit me there ^^ so it will be my pleasure to meet you and watch some strange Korean movies πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy everything ! On the road again

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