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The Venerable Louis

It’s only natural that during my time as an English teacher here in Asia, I have made an interesting assortment of friends.  Many of them have done the same thing as me: teach for a few years before moving on … Continue reading

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Vipassana Mysteries: Honking

Now seems like the perfect time to write this. I got an early start (7:30ish) to avoid the heat and am already most of the way from Pak Bong to Nong Khiaw. I’m not sure how close I am, since … Continue reading

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Vipassana Mysteries: Disappearing Knee Pain

I will start out by saying that even after my four retreats, I haven’t experienced anything really crazy. No insight into the fundamental nature of suffering (whatever that is), of no-self, of emptiness, of unsatisfactoriness, of transience, of the four … Continue reading

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Want to feel like a giant bag of hot hair? Go for your fourth ten-day meditation retreat, come out feeling like you’ve learned a lot, or at least experienced a great deal that will eventually be synthesized into some sort … Continue reading

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