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Xmas@17,598 Feet (AKA The Everest Post)

AAKA “Happy to Have Done It, Happier to Be Done with It.”   Now, from the comfort of a hotel room some fifteen thousand feet closer to sea level, it doesn’t feel too ridiculous for me to say it: writing … Continue reading

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Travels with Hyeongnim 5: Tiger Leaping Gorge to Shangri-La

Oh, Yunnan, province of incomparable beauty! Your mountains can bring a cyclist to his knees; your vistas can bring him to tears; your winds can freeze those very tears to his face. Your fields offer boundless bounty, but your restaurants … Continue reading

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Travels with Hyeongnim 4: Yulongxueshan, Hutiaoxia

In which we leave the company of various Chinese friends for a week of great views, punishing climbs, and freeeeeeeeezing nights. We set off early in the morning, stopping with head lowered and tail between my knees at a pants … Continue reading

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Vietnam 3: “The Tonkinese Alps”

After my jaunt down to Saigon, I returned to Hanoi with about ten days left on my Vietnam visa. Definitely not enough time to ride back down south (1750km), but too much time to either just sit around Hanoi or … Continue reading

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En Masse

It started like any other day in Shanxi province: alternating between grueling uphills in low gear and freewheeling descents.  Alternating between pure, untouched (except for the road, of course) nature and giant, dirty-ass coal factories spewing stuff into the air. … Continue reading

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