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A Walk in the Woods in Nongriat

Imagine, if you will, the most eco-friendly bridge in existence.  Surely it wouldn’t be made of concrete, rebar, or steel girders, right?  Might it be a big slab of stone?  A few planks or logs laid across a stream?  A … Continue reading

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Finally India, Finally Fooding! (August Edition)

Tonight, I had an interesting/agonizing debate with a Hindu grandpa who wanted to make the point that there is no lasting happiness to be found on this earth.  Simple pleasures, like ice cream, often lead to pain, like frozen headaches … Continue reading

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India’s Northeast: Scenes and Scenery, August Edition

Frankly speaking, our performance in July – a measly 359 km – was pathetic.  Sure, we climbed Sela, the highest mountain pass (4200m) in the Northeast, setting personal records in the process.  Sure, we visited one of the oldest Buddhist … Continue reading

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These Are (not?) Indians: Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya

I grew up believing that America was the most diverse place in the world.  My high school had whites, blacks, Latinos, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Indians, Iranians, Turks, and almost certainly more that I didn’t know about, and I was just … Continue reading

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