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Nepal: Snippets, Tidbits, Fragments, Stats

“What is your country, sir?”  “I’m from the USA.”  “Oh yes, the USA.  Very good country.  Your country is free sex, no?” Such were the opening lines of my first interaction with a police officer. “Bananas!  Feed my body!  MINERALS!” … Continue reading

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Xmas@17,598 Feet (AKA The Everest Post)

AAKA “Happy to Have Done It, Happier to Be Done with It.”   Now, from the comfort of a hotel room some fifteen thousand feet closer to sea level, it doesn’t feel too ridiculous for me to say it: writing … Continue reading

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May Statistics

I really dropped the ball on posting statistics over the last couple months! Whoops. Here’re all the numbers you’ve been praying I wouldn’t bother telling you about. The point of inflicting this list upon you is to demonstrate that a) … Continue reading

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