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I’m alive, my computer’s not.

Yup, the inevitable has happened. My old, second-hand, cheap, ugly, heavy, POS has finally given up the ghost. The only way to get it working is to take it to the dude at the Hanoi laptop hospital – he’s a … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart

Today is day 190 – that means more than six months on the road. Somehow, I’m still both alive and not completely out of my mind. Mostly uncoutched by inclement weather, major bicycle accidents, illness, robbery, or any other form … Continue reading

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One of the Worst Things That Can Happen (to a bicycle) Finally Does, and It’s Not All That Bad

Before leaving Korea, I made sure to prepare for just about any and all possible road eventualities.  I have shirts for different situations and temperatures.  I have Tupperware for my leftovers.  I have a spare tube and not one but … Continue reading

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