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  1. Hey Mike, I got to this site because of the article that has been published on Bicycle Traveler….You have an amazing sustainable oriented approach and I would really like to get to talk to you, maybe a little Skype chat. I did a journey from Australia to Japan by bicycle many years ago and already then (almost 15 years ago) I had been thinking of all sorts of ways that I could make the journey something of a promotional opportunity for sustainable choices. But at that time it was too complicated, I did not know much about the internet and websites and …so I went and spread the message only through word.

    Well, I am about to embark on a new adventure in South America, a much longer one, and I would like to hear about you having managed to come off the hook with money. I know I have heard of another story about a woman in Germany who lives totally through the support and collaboration of other people. She is a modern nomad, of a certain age, but she built her life-style over many years and knows all sorts of tricks to stay frugal.

    I also have an interesting background and I do not think you’d find it boring to talk to me if you have any time, but I don’t know if you do. If I never hear from you again never mind I will understand.

    For now be well and thank you for walking the path

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