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  1. Grant says:

    Thanks for letting me read about your adventures.
    I was especially interested in Taiwan.

    I am 54 , about to leave the rat race for a while & bike toor Taiwan

    The last trip I did was 1990 around Ireland.
    Why, well need a break from normalilty for personal reasons (OK – yes a woman & a broken heart)

    So can you answer a couple of questions please…

    Where was the Sardinian restaurant in Taiwan & what was it’s name ?
    Also I was planning to fly into Taipai& then after a few days getting myself sorted cycle down the east coast to Kellering, stay a while & then ride up thewest coast. What do you think ?
    Any advice would be gratefuly accepted.

    Oh – what are you up to these days?

    Grant (CAnberra – Austraia)
    A good bike shop in Taipei

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