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  1. Gail Housman says:

    This blog is great, Mike! The map is especially fun. We’ll be checking back often and tracking your progress, and of course trying out the 3RR ideals. I still think of you every time I wash the dishes (with the water off, of course!). Happy travels!

  2. Marisa says:

    And how, pray tell, does one make a donation to support 3RR? Certain individuals would like to show some thanks for providing insights and inspiration. I’m not saying who, though.

  3. ian chen says:

    yes,You impact the ones you met on your way,at least have effected on me.
    you are doing and spreading the things what i just think to others.
    i need to become better.

    • Michael Roy says:

      Ian! “Becoming better” is a lifelong pursuit, take it slow and find out what it means for you. Traveling on your own is already a great start. Keep it up!

  4. ian chen says:

    yes,it’s just a start.and thank you again that you don’t charge me $5. ^_^
    The gift will be very useful.

  5. Chris (aka Aunt Christine, aka Tizzy to my other neices/nephews) says:

    Regarding #3 … Are you planning to go to Cambodia? If so, there is an orphanage there (see below) that our UU congregation has supported. If you’re in the area, it might be of interest to stop by. Would love to hear some first hand knowledge of the place.
    Keep on peddlin’ and blogging .. it’s an amazing trip.

    Chairman (Founder of A.C.O)

    Address :Phum Chhong Koasou, H/P : +855(0) 89 855 666.
    Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap, Cambodia. H/P : +855(0) 92 633 391.
    Website : H/P : +855(0) 12 959 346.
    Facebook : Angkor Charity Organization

    • Michael Roy says:

      Like father like son, right?

      I’m definitely planning on passing through Cambodia, most likely closer to winter. Actually, I was hoping to find something to do there, since I have to buy a month-long visa but will only need a week or so to cycle through the country. I’ll definitely look into visiting the orphanage when the time comes, thanks for the tip!

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