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You’re a Grand Old Flag

Do your best to squish the following into the appropriate melody: You’re a shabby old flag, you’re a tattered old flag, forever in one piece I pray you stay. You’re the emblem of some things I love like thrift, DIY, … Continue reading

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Vipassana Mysteries: Disappearing Knee Pain

I will start out by saying that even after my four retreats, I haven’t experienced anything really crazy. No insight into the fundamental nature of suffering (whatever that is), of no-self, of emptiness, of unsatisfactoriness, of transience, of the four … Continue reading

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Want to feel like a giant bag of hot hair? Go for your fourth ten-day meditation retreat, come out feeling like you’ve learned a lot, or at least experienced a great deal that will eventually be synthesized into some sort … Continue reading

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Vietnam 3: “The Tonkinese Alps”

After my jaunt down to Saigon, I returned to Hanoi with about ten days left on my Vietnam visa. Definitely not enough time to ride back down south (1750km), but too much time to either just sit around Hanoi or … Continue reading

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On the Road Again, Again

(In which I take a break from being a mooch and return to life on The Bike.) After about ten days of quality time with Tanya and Luke – most of it spent either eating or talking about where to … Continue reading

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China:One Month

Now that I’ve been vagabonding around the Northeast for a month and a day, I feel I’m qualified to say a few things about China and about life on the road. The People Getting along with everyone here has been … Continue reading

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Week 3 Road Recap, and some Milestones

It’s slightly past eight and going on pitch black.  In the distance I can hear the sounds of a few stray cars cruising down the highway, making their way into or out of Beijing, while immediately surrounding me I hear … Continue reading

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