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Travels with Hyeongnim 1: Kunming, or is this Korea?

“형님과의 여행 1: 곤명…아니면 여기는 한국인가?” 이번글(만!)은 한국어판도 나옵니다. This entry (and only this entry!) comes in Korean as well. 한국어 실련은 매일 조금씩 떠러지니까 부끄러운데. Though I’m embrassed about how my Korean skill is faltering daily. Once upon a … Continue reading

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Goodbye MiD, Hello 3RR

Dear friends, family, and followers few, I’ve decided to put an end to Mike in Daegu. It’s been a nice six+ years (!), but I’ve now been out of Daegu for almost six months and have already embarked on the … Continue reading

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China Revisited

Mothers pull down their children’s pants so they can urinate on the sidewalk. Cranes are everywhere, as are piles of rubble. The wind blows dust into little man-sized tornadoes. Scooters, cars, and trucks honk continuously. Nobody wears helmets. A small … Continue reading

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I’m on TV, I’m on TV!

While I was spending ten days in Noble Silence, my virtual doppelganger – ie a bunch of electrons arranged to look and act like me* – was chattering away about the last four months of its (my?) life.  What the hell am … Continue reading

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A New "Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten"

The circumstances were a little weird and I won’t go into them at the moment.  I’ll just be as straightforward as possible.  I ate a goat brain tonight.  Apparently if you’ve got enough cilantro you can get through just about … Continue reading

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If There Is Anything That Is Wrong, Then This Is Also Wrong.

Warning: This post contains some unpleasant pictures.   They’re not gruesome, but they are for sure gross, a bit gory, and hopefully at least a little disturbing. Modification of warning: the Great Firewall is still completely screwing me over.  I have … Continue reading

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My TEDx Palgong Talk – Official Version

Most of you have probably already seen the version I mailed out, but here’s the legit one!  Watch it, like it, share it, pity me when nobody laughs at my jokes…

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How Times Have Changed

Jeff Stepp, master archivist and my someday biographer, unearthed this gem from deep in the annals of mikeindaegu:   “And speaking of supermarket price gouging, I’m reminded that I wasnearly sent into shock upon noticing that broccoli here, on sale,costs … Continue reading

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On our first morning in China, Mingyu shaved my head!  Most of the way.  Leaving a little Mohawk in the middle.  Interestingly, three years of ponytail action appear to have left a quirky part in down the middle.  I hope … Continue reading

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Countdown to China

I spent the first half of yesterday waiting in vain at a bicycle shop for a new front fork I had ordered that was supposed to come in last Friday, but had been delayed until Tuesday, the day of my … Continue reading

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