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Some Statistics Regarding Taiwan; or, What Can $100 Buy You?

Is this the face of an uberpro traveler? You be the judge, have a look at these condensed spread sheets For the entire 80 days in Taiwan: (“Stalls” refers to street food, fruit shops, peanuts, etc.) For my 11-day “Huan-dao” … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Family

This post is dedicated to the family that opened their home to me unconditionally for the last three months. Not since high school, when my real mother and father did the shopping and the cooking and the money-earning, have I … Continue reading

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A Sad Farewell to Taiwanese Food

I still haven’t quite worked up the nerve to stick my camera in unsuspecting strangers’ face to get those beautiful up-close-and-pesonal shots. Nor, as you will see later, have I figured out how to take pictures that do justice to … Continue reading

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Tai-winding down

After a week of chilling up North, a week of chilling down South, and a week of chilling on the Farm, Mingyu and I decided we’d like to give the mountains of Taiwan a chance to kick our asses.  The … Continue reading

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Meet "Wanderer" (and it isn’t me)

As I hope the previous post showed, we met a whole host of interesting people at Nan’ao.  AJ, the boss, who retired from his computer engineering job to start the farm.  Sam, his son, who quickly took interest and before … Continue reading

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Living The Good Life at Nan’ao Natural Farm

I knew that Mingyu was going to meet up with a Korean friend here in Taiwan.  What I didn’t know was that she had already made plans for a farmstay at Nan’ao Natural Farm, one of Taiwan’s best known.  How … Continue reading

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More Taiwanese Treats, Part Two

Ready to gain a few pounds vicariously? Fried broad beans in several different flavors, including curry. Auntie working on some more pan bread.  I asked her if we could make it together, but apparently with all the waiting it takes … Continue reading

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Takin’ It Easy in Taiwan

In which I am reunited with my official photographer/ukelelist/korean conversation partner/(what exactly do I bring to this friendship?)/ fellow cycle maniac MINGYULEE and we resume our hijinks. Ah, how distant those memories from over four months and six thousand kilometers … Continue reading

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More Taiwanese Treats

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Spotted on a tree in a tiny grove on my way to Vipassana.  $100 to anyone who can identify this bad boy by the end of the post! Nothing beats a papaya break on a hot day.  I’m now … Continue reading

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"Huandao" Complete

In which  I ride up Taiwan’s west coast, finish my circle of the island, and take my vagabonding to new heights…or perhaps new lows. After Vipassanna the Fourth (which blew my mind, but is proving rather tough to write about), … Continue reading

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