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Cycling Statistics: Thailand

My time in Thailand is far from over, but I’ve done just about all the cycling I’m going to do here. Next up: another week of permaculturing, a couple weeks with my parents, a week of who knows what, and … Continue reading

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Laos Stats

Basics: Dates: 12 June 2013 – 11 July 2013 (30 Days) 3RR Days 301-330 Visa: On-the-spot. US$37 at Mohan (China) / Borten (Laos) border crossing. No hassles. Riding: Kilometers ridden: 637 km Daily Average: 21.2323 km Days on/off bike: 13/17 … Continue reading

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May Statistics

I really dropped the ball on posting statistics over the last couple months! Whoops. Here’re all the numbers you’ve been praying I wouldn’t bother telling you about. The point of inflicting this list upon you is to demonstrate that a) … Continue reading

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A Thousand Year-Old Village, and Some Links Concerning Financial Independence.

Please forgive any oddities in my tone here; the 70-year old owner of this little hotel/homestay in the 1000-year old village where I’m currently resting my aching body got me loaded on homebrewed barley booze and stuffed me full of … Continue reading

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Some Statistics Regarding Taiwan; or, What Can $100 Buy You?

Is this the face of an uberpro traveler? You be the judge, have a look at these condensed spread sheets For the entire 80 days in Taiwan: (“Stalls” refers to street food, fruit shops, peanuts, etc.) For my 11-day “Huan-dao” … Continue reading

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Alternate Title: Depending On Who You Ask, I Either Have or Have Not Left China.  Sunrise as seen from the boat.  “What’s the next station on your journey?” is a question I hear a lot. “I’m going to go to … Continue reading

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