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The Art of Jugarh: One Part DIY, One Part WTF

I don’t remember the day it started, but I do remember the first day when it got bad.  Chris and I were on our way to Shillong, Meghalaya (“Abode of the Clouds”), northeast India.  We had stayed the night before … Continue reading

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Nepal: Snippets, Tidbits, Fragments, Stats

“What is your country, sir?”  “I’m from the USA.”  “Oh yes, the USA.  Very good country.  Your country is free sex, no?” Such were the opening lines of my first interaction with a police officer. “Bananas!  Feed my body!  MINERALS!” … Continue reading

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3RR’s Second Sponsor: Thanks, Ibex!

Alternate title: How I Saved/Earned Half a Grand by Fixing a Zipper. As is to be expected on a trip like this, things wear down.  It’s not so different from life in general really except that, owning fewer things, each … Continue reading

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Xmas@17,598 Feet (AKA The Everest Post)

AAKA “Happy to Have Done It, Happier to Be Done with It.”   Now, from the comfort of a hotel room some fifteen thousand feet closer to sea level, it doesn’t feel too ridiculous for me to say it: writing … Continue reading

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India Stats!

This is definitely my favorite kind of post.  I hope you’re looking forward to being blinded by some dazzling Excel graphs at least half as much as I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.   Are you ready to get … Continue reading

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Myanmar Stat Attack

(Photo courtesy of Chris Buchman) Myanmar, land of mystery.  Governed by the arbitrary.  Many parts of the countryside still seem stuck in the iron age, while the capital is catapulting straight into modernity.  I had been told that there were … Continue reading

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Mee Fa Ben Baan , Mee Yung Ben Puan

A Thai proverb relating to the fauxbo mindset: “Have sky for house, have mosquito for friend.” That pretty nicely sums up life as a cyclist in Southeast Asia. By the time this post goes up, my squad and I will … Continue reading

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3RR’s First Sponsorship: A New Home Courtesy of Big Sky International!

Bicycle touring is an odd thing, in that it requires a certain not-quite-contradictory balance of insane dedication and near utter nihilism. On a fairly standard riding day, I might spend about eight hours huffing and puffing and hauling my 50kg … Continue reading

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Cycling Statistics: One Whole Year

Not too long ago, I tabulated the total cost of my Three Rule Ride for a year: $4,323. That post alone didn’t satisfy my statistics nerdery, nor did it justify the massive amount of effort I’ve put into keeping my stats … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost to Be Free for a Year?

The other day, I whizzed passed a weekly market in a tiny little countryside town. My food pannier was already bursting with discounted bread and jelly donuts (five for $0.50!) from the mammoth, air-conditioned supermarket I had visited the day … Continue reading

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