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Money, Compliments, Publicity: Varanasi to Vizag and Beyond

A man once said the pinnacle of success is when you finally lose interest in money, complements, and publicity. A noble enough idea, I suppose. But how on earth he does this, heaven only knows. I know I’m gonna need … Continue reading

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Uttar Pradesh: At Least the Food is Amazing

There are a lot of things not to like in UP – touts and pickpockets at the big tourist sites; roadkill, traffic, stares, and endless badgering about why you’re 30 and not yet married everywhere else – but the food … Continue reading

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Uttar Pradesh: Don’t Take It Personal

I’ve dropped the F-bomb plenty of times over the last two years and thirty thousand kilometers.  Maybe when a giant container truck comes speeding past, situated right between me and the sun so that it momentarily blocks all light.  The … Continue reading

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