India’s Northeast: Scenes and Scenery, June Edition

I’ve got this problem nowadays where I’m so far behind on sharing my pictures and stories that I don’t even carry my camera around anymore.  This is a terrible shame, since in India one is guaranteed to experience the grotesque, the hilarious, and the inconceivable on just about every outing, and whether or not I ever get around to writing about them, every photo prompts a host of such memories to come rushing back.  In a few years (rough guess) I’ll be living a normal life working for an NGO in some American city or settled down on some farm somewhere in the global south, and I’ll click through my old photo collection only to find day- or week-long gaps where I didn’t snap a single picture.  A whole chunk of my life, all these experiences that I earned through hard work and diligent saving, all these places that lots of people would love to visit if only they had the time and freedom…these things shouldn’t be taken for granted or treated with such nonchalance.  Hopefully unloading a few months’ worth of photos out into the interweb will help me overcome this nomad’s anomie and get back on top of my game.

Thanks to all of you for being my helpers in this little therapy session.

Chris 2014-05-29-002


First group photo in India!  We made it!

2014-06-03 to Imphal 007

Sunrise at Tengnoupal, altitude 1500m or so.  Our first mountain since a month beforehand when we crossed from Thailand into Myanmar.

2014-06-03 to Imphal 011

Glorious blue skies, puffy clouds, thick forests, and smooth roads on the way down to Imphal.  Gotta love those moments where everything just feels so easy.

 2014-06-03 to Imphal 018

Thanks for the permission.

 Chris 2014-06-04-011


How not to treat your narcoleptic friends.

2014-06-07 to Makhan 003

Pabung had a room for us, but there were too many mosquitoes and I prefer to sleep out under the stars anyway when the conditions are right.

For the record, my Big Sky is at least as high-tech as either of the devices sandwiching it.

2014-06-07 to Makhan 007

Making time for the little things.

2014-06-07 to Makhan 011

Harassing some local ladies.

2014-06-07 to Makhan 014

2014-06-07 to Makhan 030

Hints of unrest.

2014-06-07 to Makhan 037

How’d that get there?

2014-06-07 to Makhan 040

First Hindu shrine.

2014-06-03 to Imphal 021

First instructions on how to use a toilet.

2014-06-08 to Kohima 006

  Chris 2014-06-08-019



2014-06-08 to Kohima 037


2014-06-08 to Kohima 041

Yeah I’ll take two!

 2014-06-08 to Kohima 043

Nagaland: India’s Bible Belt.

 2014-06-08 to Kohima 047

 2014-06-08 to Kohima 051

If there’s one type of photo I can’t resist, it’s the old “picturesque village sitting above rice terraces.”

 Chris 2014-06-08-018


Group photo with the students from a “hostel” (like a boarding school, minus the school) in Makhan where we spent the night.

2014-06-10 to Medziphema 015

Yeah, women, stop distracting men and causing accidents!  Why do you make us all such bad drivers?

Someone at the Border Roads Organization has the kickass job of making pithy, awkward PSAs to be posted every second or third kilometer.  Other favorites include “If married, divorce speed” and “After whiskey, driving risky.”

Chris has a whole collection at his “Cool Story BRO, Tell It Again!” post.

 2014-06-11 to Dimapur 002

Kashmir = north, Kanyakumari = south, Kutch = west, Kohima = east.

I think the separatists and insurgents would beg to differ.

2014-06-10 to Medziphema 007b

Kohima, capital of Nagaland, spread out over four hilltops.

 Chris 2014-06-11-060


A very insensitive leper impression.

2014-06-11 to Dimapur 008

A crowd gathers around our parked bikes while we attend a press conference in Dimapur.  Organized for us by David Kire, couchsurfing host and vice president of the State Bank of India’s northeast division.


Yeah front page!

 2014-06-13 to Golaghat 003

Mirko gets philosophical.

 Chris 2014-06-13-066


Lolo, a local Nagamese cyclists, showing off his cycle levitation trick.

 2014-06-18 to North Lakhimpur 003

Majuli Island, in the middle of the Brahmaputra river.

 Chris 2014-06-17-072


Joy riding around Majuli.

 Chris 2014-06-18-074


Last photo with before parting ways.  🙁

2014-06-18 to North Lakhimpur 005

Herding cats = difficult.

Pulling a traumatized cow out of the river = much more so.

 2014-06-18 to North Lakhimpur 009

No room for our bikes on this boat.

 2014-06-18 to North Lakhimpur 011

Waiting for the ferry.

 2014-06-18 to North Lakhimpur 012

Evil Knievel, eat your heart out.

 2014-06-21 to Lichi 005

Tea garden near Dejoo, Assam.  I’ve heard talk of mechanized ones, but in every one I’ve seen so far, the tea has been picked by hand. Wage = $2/day.

 2014-06-21 to Lichi 008

The tea plants, particularly in the lowlands, need plenty of shade; if they’re exposed to the sun at temperatures above 35C, they’ll stop photosynthesizing and start scorching.

 2014-06-21 to Lichi 019v

2014-06-22 to Yachuli 001

Camping spot in a guest room behind the church in Lichi.

 2014-06-22 to Yachuli 005

Rainy morning.

 2014-06-22 to Yachuli 035b

Terraces near Yazuli.  Or was it Yachali?

 2014-06-22 to Yachuli 038v

Terraces in a riverbed on the way up to Ziro.

 2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 030

Rooster spotted on our tour of the Apatani villages around Ziro.

 2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 032

Apatani Village, Ziro.

2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 034b

2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 035b

2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 036b

2014-06-24 Apatani Villages 037b

 Chris 2014-06-26-098


2014-06-26 to Midpu 003

Dam / hydro project near Potin.

2014-06-26 to Midpu 026

Sunset at Midpu.

 2014-06-30 to Bisnawat Chariali 003

Night falls over Bisnawath Chariali.

 Chris 2014-06-26-100


Free shower from a busted pipe.

Boy was June a good month.

What a life I’m living.

When I’m bored sitting around a hotel room in the rain, nothing is more gratifying than going back through all my pictures and reliving all the fun and hijinks I was getting into just a little while back.  Makes me look forward to hitting the road again.

September, bring it on!

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  1. Mom says:

    Carry your camera! You never know what you’ll see or experience. And your book will be so much better if there aren’t any gaps in your timeline.

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