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Myanmar: The Shape of Things to Come

Four times now I’ve set foot in Myanmar, but I’ve never stayed for more than a few hours.  Just long enough to have a snack and a look around before coming back to Thailand on a fresh visa.  Just long … Continue reading

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Thai Food, Installment #???

Whaaaat, almost three months in Thailand (again) and I haven’t done a food post yet?  Something is wrong.   New fruit alert!  They look like miniature coconuts that were left a little too close to the bonfire.  Wikipedia calls these … Continue reading

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The Isthmus of Kra

A fact unknown to me up until a few weeks ago: this world has an Isthmus other than that of Panama. I can’t make any comparisons about the scenery, food, or culture along the way, but I feel justified in … Continue reading

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