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F.U.S. Files: Unexpected Scenery

Nov 7, 2013, 12:51 PM Nov 7, 2013, 1:23 PM. Writing these F.U.S. Files is a little hard. If I post a picture every time I see something like this, I won’t have energy left over to write about anything … Continue reading

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Halfway to Hanoi, Part 2

I know the last post started like this too, but… The sight of fresh french-fry-pancakes boiling in bubbling oil on the street stopped me in my tracks. I pointed to one and asked the chef in faltering Vietnamese how much … Continue reading

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Vietnam: Halfway to Hanoi

The man at the Vietnamese embassy in Bangkok assured me that my visa would be valid for thirty days from the date I entered the country, so I optimistically guestimated that we would arrive sometime around October 22nd. Despite having … Continue reading

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Laos in a Word

Yesterday we cycled from before the morning fog had lifted until well after the evening sun had set, covering 100km and climbing two mountains on our way out of Laos and into Vietnam. Now that I’m surrounded once again by … Continue reading

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Lao Kids: Still Freakin Adorable

Not much has changed since I rode through Laos four months ago. That time, it was from the Chinese border (north-north) to the Thai border (central), and this time it’s Thai border (west-northwest) to Vietnam border (north-northeast), but I’ve still … Continue reading

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Thai Food: The Last Installment

After an extended period of blogger’s block, I feel like I need to do a food post to ease myself into writing again. No adventures, no analysis. Just grub. Get ready to get jealous… Like every country here in Asia, … Continue reading

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