Cycling Statistics: Thailand

My time in Thailand is far from over, but I’ve done just about all the cycling I’m going to do here. Next up: another week of permaculturing, a couple weeks with my parents, a week of who knows what, and a week of prepping for my second year on the road – this time with at least one, perhaps two, and maybe even three cycling partners. Here’s the lowdown on Thailand so far:

2013-07-12 to Khao Suan Kwang 058.JPG


Dates: 11 July 2013 – 31 August 2013(52 Days)

3RR Days 330-381

Visa: Visa extension in Chiang Mai. $30 for the first sixty days, $60 for the next thirty. Easy enough.

2013-08-13 to Thep Nakhon 010.JPG


Kilometers ridden: 1567 km

Daily Average: 30.14 km

Days on/off bike: 15/37

Average on riding days: 104.47 km

Highest altitude: 800m

Longest ascent: ?500m over ?10km

Longest day: 150km

Road status: 99.99999% paved and awesome.

Worst road: 2km through a sandy forest.

Flat tires: 2

2013-08-15 to Na Klang 007.JPG


Detailed notes not taken, but as usual, I stuck to the principles 99% of the time.

Exceptions: Past-date produce and bakery items at Tesco. If nobody buys them, they get thrown out, bag and food and all.

(any excuse to buy donuts)

2013-08-14 to Sam Ngao 001.JPG


Nights camping: 8 (5 at temples)

Nights hosted: 13

At communities: 21

Hotels: 10

2013-08-13 to Thep Nakhon 022.JPG


Total spent: $608

Restaurants: $167

Markets: $133

Accommodation: $151

Etc: $157

Daily Average: $11.69


Street noodles: 30 Thai Baht/ $1 USD

Kg of fruit: 30B / $1

Veg Buffet: 100B / $3.00

Dorm room: 140B / $4.75

City coconut: up to 50B / $1.67

Countryside coconut: as low as 10B / $0.33

2013-08-13 to Thep Nakhon 029.JPG


Other cyclists met: 2x Korean

Other foreigners met: a trillion

New acquisition: shorts for swimming, sleeping, and sporting

2013-08-14 to Sam Ngao 021.JPG


Permaculture and jungle life at Panya Project

Permaculture with slightly less rustic facilities at Rak Tamachat

Khun Churn Organic Vegetarian Buffets in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

2013-08-10 to Singburi 018.JPG

Finally, exhaustive list of freebies from Thai folks:

(all received during my 15 days of riding)

7/16: 1x small bag of fish and rice

7/27: 1kg custard apples and 3x dragonfruits; 1x extra dumpling;1x dinner of rice, eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables

7/28: 1x breakfst of double-yolk eggs, fruit, and homemade mango snacks; 1x energy drink

8/3: Noodles and papaya salad

8/09: 1x 300B ($10) cash handout; 1x as much salad as I could stuff into my camping pot; 1x bottle of water, 1x bottle of fanta, 1x bottle of soy milk, 6x bags of chips, 1x sliced pineapple

8/10: 1x bottle of soy milk, 1x cup of tea, 1x bowl of porridge, 1x plate of fried dough, 2x bottle of Thai herbal medicines, 1x Buddha amulet; 1x bottle of water; 2x bottle of water, 2x box of soy milk, 2x bag of chips, 1x candy bar

8/11: 1x breakfast after collecting alms, 2x cupcakes for the road

8/13: 1x bottle of water

8/14: 1x instant coffee, 1x instant soy milk, 1x bizarre bread and butter snack, 1x bunch of unripe bananas

8/15: 1x bunch of Longan-like fruits; 2x pack of ramen, 1x bottled water

8/16: 3x mini bananas

And that’s not even counting the stuff I ate out of my buddy Andrew’s fridge in Bangkok, or the beer and guiding and bicycle help from Dan and Tara in Nakhon Sawon, or the beer and snacks and bed provided by my Warmshowers host, Julien, in Chiang Mai.

Not to mention that my stewardess friend Yunkyoung treated me to three nights in a fancy shmancy hotel with pool and ginormous breakfast buffet, as well as all sorts of other fun stuff around the city.

Lastly, the trees around the corner from the kitchen here at Panya that give us three to six avocadoes daily.

2013-08-10 to Singburi 001.JPG

Thank to everyone who’s helped me fill my bowl and find a place to lay my head. What a couple of months!

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  1. ian chen says:

    So good that you catch one or more fellows with you.That will be more interesting and also you can take care of each other on the cycling road.