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Even Fauxbos Have Families, Part 1

I generally try to act like a citizen of the world. Of course I want to be happy, and I want my friends from home to be happy, but not if it comes at the cost of the happiness of … Continue reading

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3RR’s First Sponsorship: A New Home Courtesy of Big Sky International!

Bicycle touring is an odd thing, in that it requires a certain not-quite-contradictory balance of insane dedication and near utter nihilism. On a fairly standard riding day, I might spend about eight hours huffing and puffing and hauling my 50kg … Continue reading

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3RR Superlatives

When I flip back through my pictures from the last year, I can hardly believe how many places I’ve been, how many things I’ve seen, and how many memories I’ve created. Nearly every single photo brings back a flood of … Continue reading

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Cycling Statistics: One Whole Year

Not too long ago, I tabulated the total cost of my Three Rule Ride for a year: $4,323. That post alone didn’t satisfy my statistics nerdery, nor did it justify the massive amount of effort I’ve put into keeping my stats … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost to Be Free for a Year?

The other day, I whizzed passed a weekly market in a tiny little countryside town. My food pannier was already bursting with discounted bread and jelly donuts (five for $0.50!) from the mammoth, air-conditioned supermarket I had visited the day … Continue reading

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Cycling Statistics: Thailand

My time in Thailand is far from over, but I’ve done just about all the cycling I’m going to do here. Next up: another week of permaculturing, a couple weeks with my parents, a week of who knows what, and … Continue reading

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Thailand, by Land: Part Two

I headed out of Nakhon Sawon refreshed and with several goals in mind: 1) to make it to Chiang Mai by the weekend so I could spend time with my friend and my couchsurfing host; 2) concordantly, to bust my … Continue reading

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