Laos Stats

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Dates: 12 June 2013 – 11 July 2013 (30 Days)

3RR Days 301-330

Visa: On-the-spot. US$37 at Mohan (China) / Borten (Laos) border crossing. No hassles.

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Kilometers ridden: 637 km

Daily Average: 21.2323 km

Days on/off bike: 13/17

Average on riding days: 49 km

Highest altitude: 1400m

Longest ascent: 1000m over 32km

Most elevation gained in a day: 1700m over 45km

Longest day: 90km

Road status: generally pretty good, 95% of major roads are paved, traffic almost nonexistent

Worst road: 80kms of ups and downs, paved for 100m then unpaved for 100m the whole way.

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Kilometers by bus, train, etc: 0

Km by hitchhiking with bike: 100

Plastic bottles purchased: 0!

Plastic bags used: 0!

Glass bottles purchased: 0

Beers not turned down: 10ish

Other trash: 1x toothpaste tube, 1 pair of disposable chopsticks (and wrapper), 4x bicycle brake shoes, 1 can of bicycle chain cleaner, 10 or so sheets of paper for English classes

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Nights camping: 2 (1x renegade, 1x gas station)

Nights hosted: 3

Farmstay: 10

Hotels: 15

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Total spent: $350ish

Restaurants: $82

Markets: $26

Accommodation: $108

Etc: $130 (mostlyvisa and donations)

Passive income over/under?: Way over!

Daily Averages:


Noodle soup: 15,000 Kip / $1.92 USD

Kg of fruit: 10,000 K / $1.28

Veg Buffet: 30,000 K / $3.84

Dorm room: 25,000K / $3.20

Double hotel room with a/c, ensuite bathroom: 50,000K / $6.40


Other cyclists met: 2x English dudes, 1x Dutch couple

Other foreigners met: a trillion

New gear acquisition: super long flexi straw attached to universal bottle cap so that I can drink from my (reused) plastic water bottle while riding. Gifted from Dutch lady.

Gear lost: Frisbee donated to kids at Organic Farm.

Important skill gained: solid ability to differentiate between lychees, longans, and rambutans. Still hesitate when buying, though…


Chilling, farming, and eating at Organic Farm Vang Vieng

Teaching English for Equal Education for All

Cycling through the mountains when it’s not rainy so that you can actually see the scenery.

2013-06-24 to Kiu Kacham 011.JPG

Farewell, Laos. Until next time.

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