Chowing Down at the Organic Mulberry Farm

Organic Farm Vang Vieng, in addition to being my home and office for ten days, is one of the top-rated restaurants in the city. LP even gives it a special mention as having a nice vegetarian menu. I didn’t know on the day of my arrival, but I’d soon be finding out…

2013-06-26 to Vang Vieng 031.JPG

My first meal: yellow “Harvest Curry” with tofu. My original plan was to stay a night or two and then move on over to my intended destination, the SAELao project. This curry was so good that I decided to just stay here at OFVV until the brink of visa expiry.

2013-06-28 Mulberry Farm 010.JPG

It pretty quickly became my self-assigned mission to try each and every item on the menu. Day two, and definite favorite: Astounding tofu, zucchini, and grean been sautee with satay sauce. Can’t go wrong with peanuts, coconut cream, and curry powder.

2013-06-30 Mulberry Farm 035.JPG

Stir-fried tofu and veg with peanuts. Once the head of hospitality noticed my mission and all the photos I was taking, she said she’d give me a big discount on meals if I helped her out with the restaurant website. Cha-Ching! Room and board for $7 a day!

2013-06-30 Mulberry Farm 036.JPG

And kitchen privileges to boot! Sandwich made with an avocado I picked from the tree that morning.

2013-06-30 Mulberry Farm 091.JPG

Spicy pounded eggplant with steamed veggies.

2013-07-02 Mulberry Farm 002b.JPG

Fresh goat cheese sandwich.

2013-07-03 Mulberry Farm 104.JPG

Baguette and tomato/onion omelette…with loads of fresh goat cheese stuffed inside.

2013-07-03 Mulberry Farm 012.JPG

Tofu Laap salad loaded up with mint leaves, cilantro, and other herbs and spices.

2013-07-03 Mulberry Farm 018.JPG

Coconut sticky rice with mango, the ultimate dessert.

2013-07-03 Mulberry Farm 005.JPG

Bested only by the mulberry shake, an excellent way to cool off after expending all that energy cramming down my entree. .

2013-07-04 Mulberry Farm 003.JPG

Garden-fresh fruit salad: banana, pineapple, mango, avocado, dragon fruit, etc…

2013-07-04 Mulberry Farm 011.JPG

Extra fat mulberry pancake with honey, butter, and lime.

2013-07-04 Mulberry Farm 010.JPG

Lao coffee with condensed milk. Consumed solely for advertising purposes.

2013-07-04 Mulberry Farm 016.JPG

Omelette sandwich.


Another goat cheese omlette, this time flattened for maximum advertising value. Any excuse to eat it again…


Chicken kebabs

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 001.JPG

Lao salad – greens, veg, and hardboiled egg with dressing.

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 010.JPG

Oh lord, goat cheese sampler.

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 017.JPG

Savory sticky rice pancake.

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 018.JPG

Mulberry leaf tempura, invented back in the day when the farm was young and had no produce to serve along with beer. Mr. T, the founder, decided to fry up the only thing he had in abundance. Voila!

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 019.JPG

Good old stir-fried veg.

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 021.JPG

Yep, this place has ramen too.

2013-07-06 Mulberry Farm 025.JPG

The preceding five or so photos were all from this goodbye feast. To thank me for all the “hard work” I’d done and all the “help” I’d given them. I suppose stuffing myself without interruption for ten days does take some perseverance. Not to mention finding the energy to waddle all the way over to the office to upload the phtoos.

Thank you, Mr. T., for letting me stay so long, and for providing me with all this wonderful food. Thank you, Mrs. Keo and kitchen staff, for cooking up such beautiful, fantastic food. What a pleasure and an honor to be a part of!

If you or anyone you know is coming to Laos, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest that they visit this place! The atmosphere is great, the staff are super friendly, and the food, as I believe has been thoroughly demonstrated here, is incredible. That, and the most expensive thing on the menu costs $4! I would’ve stayed ten days even if most of my meals hadn’t been comped. After all, the money goes to support organic farmers, local village workers, and the Equal Education for All free English classes mentioned in my previous post.

To get more details about the farm, the accommodations, and the menu, visit the website I put together for them,

For more about teaching with EEFA, visit

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