May Statistics

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I really dropped the ball on posting statistics over the last couple months! Whoops. Here’re all the numbers you’ve been praying I wouldn’t bother telling you about.

The point of inflicting this list upon you is to demonstrate that

a) travel can be super-cheap


b) extremely low environmental impact does not equal boring times.

May, 2013

Days: 31 (259 to 289 of trip)

Countries: Just China.

Provinces: Just Yunnan. And I got my pinky toe into Tibet.


Kilometers ridden: 1600

Average: 54

Days on/off bike: 22/9

Average on riding days: 73

Most days in a row cycled: 10 (786 km)

Highest altitude: 2500m

Longest uphill: 21km/1000m elevation gain (3 hours with breaks)

Longest downhill: 17km/800m elevation loss (25 minutes)

Most altitude gained in one day: 1600m


Nights in hotels: 21

Nights camping: 6

Nights couchsurfing, mooching, etc: 4


Total spent: $288


Restaurants: $95

Markets and stalls: $57

Accomodation: $89

Other stuff: $47

Return from investments over/under amount spent?: Under, but still better than the credit union.

Average amount (U$D) spent daily on:

3 Rules

Kilometers by hitchhiking (without bike): 300

Kilometers by bus, train, heliopter, etc: 0

Plastic bottles purchased: 0

Glass bottles purchased: 0

Beers in glass bottles not turned down: lots.

Plastic bags: five, three of which still going strong

Other trash: small paper box and plastic wrapping for bar of soap, leftover parts of reflective suspenders that I repurposed for my flag, one plastic wrapper for some hardtack-type cookies.


Outfits worn: 1

Days sick, injured, afflicted with Delhi belly, out of commission, etc: 0

Other foreign cyclists encountered: 4, all French, all going the other direction

Number who had been to Sadhana forest: 1

Number who had built their own bicycle frame out of bamboo: 1 (not the same one)

Bicycle knock-overs: 3

Bicycle problems: 1x broken coconut good luck charm (repaired), 1x worn-out front brake shoes (replaced), chain rust from frequent rains

Near-death experiences (traffic-related): 0

Near-death experiences (non-traffic-related): 1

# of rain storms caught in: 20-odd (two or more most days since the middle of the month)

# of hail storms caught in: 1

Highest recorded temperature: 45C / 113F (I’m pretty sure my thermometer wasn’t working right)

Items lost: 1x towel, 1x helmet, 1x flag pole with clothespin, 1x water bottle, 2x hammock-hanging strings, 1x mini-bar of soap (dropped into poo slot of a village toilet)

Items acquired (without purchase): 1x white visor with pink cyrillic script, 1x water bottle, 1x small bottle of supergule, 1x rubber glove (for bike cleaning), a few sheeets of newspaper, 1x chunk of greenish rock (kryptonite? jade?), 1x fresh bamboo flagpole

Fruit of the month: Mango.

Runner up: Chubby bananas.

New foods: bee pupa salad, things that look like peas but are filled with little seeds and really bitter, banana tree heart, fresh lychees, Chinese dwarf peaches, fiddlehead ferns, deep-fried reconstituted rice powder (better than it sounds)

Appearance compared to that of: 1x Hugh Jackman/Wolverine, 1x Abraham Lincoln (minus glasses)

(Weeks since last shave/beard maintenance of any sort: 11)

Last but not least, sweetest mural:

2013-05-16 to Puladixiang 029.JPG

Did I leave anything out?

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4 Responses to May Statistics

  1. Murray says:

    Keep trooping on, brother! And time to grow that beard… big time!

    • Michael Roy says:

      Hey, Murrary, you’re still there! I had been wondering how you were doing. The tropical fruits flow cheaply here – less than a dollar for a pineapple, same for a pound of mangoes or jackfruit. All sorts of sprouts in the markets, too.

      As for the beard, I think it’s kind of maxxed out. The mustache continues unabated…

  2. wimdog says:

    Number of days bathed?

  3. Michael Roy says:

    Easy one: # bathings = No of nights at hotels + number of nights mooched/couchsurfed

    Sometimes + the number of clean waterfalls or rivers I pass by, but that’d be too complicated