Scenes from a Tibetan Wedding

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Hey look, you’ve been invited to tag along and take photos at a Tibetan Wedding. Score! Ready for some awesome outfits and spectacular headwear?

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These gentleman will kindly accept your (mandatory) donation.

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Mother of the Groom.

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M of the G and her sisters.

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Groom’s younger brother’s (Chinese) girlfriend.

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Me and the best men. Unfortunately, nobody lent me a robe. Or a cowboy hat.

Enough with the minor characters…

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Bride and Groom.

Wedding From Conway 004.jpg

Wedding From Conway 038.jpg

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So, here’s how the wedding works: First, the wedding party hangs out upstairs while the guests eat lunch.

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Then, an MC tells everyone to come on down. He introduces the B and G and gives such information as where they’re from and what colleges they went to.

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B’s little sis pours some drinks.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 011.JPG

Guests come up and give B & G lacey scarf-things.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 013.JPG 2013-04-13 Shangri-La 015.JPG

Friends sing.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 025.JPG

Guests leave.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 057.JPG

Wedding party goes back upstairs. Round 2 of guests comes in to eat.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 044.JPG

Then the ten-minute ceremony happens again, except maybe this time the MC gets the B’s hometown right.

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 073.JPG

…then more singing, exit Guests 2, BP goes upstairs, Guests 3 enter, eat, BP comes down again, one more ceremony…

2013-04-13 Shangri-La 082.JPG

Finally, after getting married three times, B & G are allowed to start enjoying themselves.

Wedding From Conway 014.jpg

Oh wait, what’s that? Each of your twenty+ best friends wants to toast you, individuallt\y, and then have you down a bowl of beer with them, individually? Individually, as in not all at once, but individually? As in one by one? Yep.

Wedding From Conway 015.jpg

Even the bride’s backup drinkers are over the limit! Good thing it’s hardly 2PM.

Wedding From Conway 011.jpg

So, yeah, that’s how it goes. Cultural ambassador duties successfully executed.

Oh, and of course, the most important thing: A hearty “Dashidellay” to the happy newlyweds!

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