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Vietnam 3: “The Tonkinese Alps”

After my jaunt down to Saigon, I returned to Hanoi with about ten days left on my Vietnam visa. Definitely not enough time to ride back down south (1750km), but too much time to either just sit around Hanoi or … Continue reading

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Vietnam 2: Chuc Mong Hai Phong (i.e. “Happy Wedding,” or something.)

I’m going to go ahead and start this one kind of in medias res so that you’re almost as confused as I was. 1) Climb mountain. 2) Enjoy view and chat with two other American chaps I met up top. … Continue reading

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Vietnam 1: Edibles

My computer’s back up and running! For a mere $80 bucks, and in a mere 24 hours, the kind folks here at this little shop managed to order a new motherboard from Hong Kong and get it installed for me. … Continue reading

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I’m alive, my computer’s not.

Yup, the inevitable has happened. My old, second-hand, cheap, ugly, heavy, POS has finally given up the ghost. The only way to get it working is to take it to the dude at the Hanoi laptop hospital – he’s a … Continue reading

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 I’ve had an excellent couple of weeks: old friends, long train rides, hill stations, morning markets, sleeper buses, waterfalls, new fruits, new friends, new plans – it feels like during the past ten days I’ve lived two, maybe three lives. … Continue reading

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Out of the Middle Kingdom

I finally managed to put the finishing touches on my flag – just in time to leave China, where I’ve somehow become somewhat proficient at the language and enter a land where I have no hope of explaing anything to … Continue reading

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