Things Fall Apart

Today is day 190 – that means more than six months on the road. Somehow, I’m still both alive and not completely out of my mind. Mostly uncoutched by inclement weather, major bicycle accidents, illness, robbery, or any other form of misforutne. Even that pesky issue of broken spokes seems to have resolved itself – no sign of bending, warping, or loosening at all over the past 2000 or so km. And not a single flat tire in nearly 10,000km. Knock on rubber.

Still, it’s inevitable that frequent use and the constant jostling of packing and riding will have taken their toll on several of my posessionss. Here are some examples.


Slight hole forming in my only t-shirt.


Damage done to my Kindle when some nincoompoop knocked over my bike. At first the screen was entirely black and I thought I would be ebookless for my upcoming 34-hour train ride down the coast of Vietnam. Somehow it fixed itself, and with some font size and orientation adjustments it’s still mostly usable.

2013-02-20 Binyang 013.JPG

Both gloves are coming apart at big seam that runs up along the thumb.

2013-02-20 Binyang 014.JPG

This SKULLY hardcore light is doing OK, but two of his brothers got lost after those little bony protrusions broke off. Who knows when or where…


2013-02-20 Binyang 001.JPG

The on/off button to my flashlight fell out. Who knew that was possible? Luckily, the designers weren’t complete idiots, so the loss of a one-penny piece hasnt letft the seventy-dollar device inoperable. I have a feeling it may no longer be waterproof, though.


2013-02-20 Binyang 002.JPG

The lastest of many professional repairs done to my pants, which are about 2/3 patches by this point.


2013-02-20 Binyang 003.JPG

Whatever it was that held this multi-funcion pen together has disappeared. It still writes and shines. Kind of.


2013-02-20 Binyang 004.JPG

I lost one water bottle to total warpage after filling it with hot water; just barely managed to avoid making the same mistake twice with this guy. Still, a slight Pisa-esque quality is in evidence, is it not?


2013-02-20 Binyang 005.JPG

The elastic has given out in my mp3 player’s stylus thingy. Oh, and I’ve killed two pairs of headphones so far. The left ear always goes first, then the right not long after.


2013-02-20 Binyang 006.JPG

One bulb down on that pen’s laser pointer.


2013-02-20 Binyang 007.JPG

Tearage of this light stick. Good thing I never use this, either.


2013-02-20 Binyang 008.JPG
2013-02-20 Binyang 009.JPG
2013-02-20 Binyang 010.JPG

Flag frayage.


2013-02-20 Binyang 011.JPG

The cycle pants tore when I put them through the washing machine. Yet another reason to stick to doing it by hand.

I suppose I should count myself lucky that not more havoc has been wreaked upon my posessions and body by my travels. The bike is still in good shape, I’m free from any chronic knee, back, or hand pain. My relationships with friends and family are still intact. Even my bank account is in good shape! Please help me in praying that all of the above will be equally true in six more months!

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4 Responses to Things Fall Apart

  1. SHAKY says:

    Not much damage at all Mike, n you haven’t been taken out by any gormless drivers too.
    Keep up the bean eatin` n it should sustain you but may leave some holes in your clothing indirectly.

  2. Chris says:

    Do you still have that same mp3 player? I think we bought those together. I really miss that thing, and wish some drunken aborigine hadn’t stolen mine. And did you just ask people to pray for you? I won’t do that, but I’ll send good vibes your way.

    • Michael Roy says:

      I didn’t ask for prayers, but rather “help in praying,” whatever that meant. Probably impossible since I won’t be praying either.

      Yes, I still have that mp3 player. I definitely remember shopping together and taking pictures in front of that 정자관 앞에 있는 giant face statue.