Some Statistics Regarding Taiwan; or, What Can $100 Buy You?

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Is this the face of an uberpro traveler? You be the judge, have a look at these condensed spread sheets

For the entire 80 days in Taiwan: (“Stalls” refers to street food, fruit shops, peanuts, etc.)

For my 11-day “Huan-dao” trip around the island:

Met new people, saw great sights, ate new foods, got cuddly with nature*, took nice pictures, had some bizarre adventures, and came out on the other end healthy and happy. No carbon emissions, no buying tickets, no doing anything I didn’t want. In other words, bike travel is a superior mode of transportation. Nay, of living! Seriously, think about the last time you spent $100 on something. Did it make you happy? For eleven days?

I thought not.

Seriously, get some investments going that generate $300 a month and you could be doing all of the above without depleting your savings.


Or do it on your own.

Either way, dump the grind and hit the road.

*AKA pooed in the woods. Several times.

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4 Responses to Some Statistics Regarding Taiwan; or, What Can $100 Buy You?

  1. Niall says:

    Where are these investments that earn $300 a month ?

    • Michael Roy says:

      Nothing special, just index funds that give back 5-7%. The secret is saving like a madman during normal times and keeping only the bare minimum in low-interest checking/savings accounts.

  2. wimdog says:

    This new site makes it more difficult to sign my funny names, but I’m loving it.