Mainland Grub – FOOD from week Twenty-something

2013-01-28 Xiamen 058.JPG

It’s mango season! These guys tend to be so messy, though, that I haven’t picked any up yet. Pretty stupid of me.

2013-01-28 Xiamen 005.JPG

First stop upon landing in Xiamen: the Lonely-planet recommended peanut porridge shop. Sounds nice, but I can never resist a dumpling or wrap. A dollar for all three.


2013-01-28 Xiamen 052.JPG

Buffet visit one, plate one.

2013-01-30 to Nancuoan 018.JPG

Yangfan selecting vegebles to grill: chives, shiitakes, taters, garlic stems, green beans. This is bar food!

2013-01-30 to Nancuoan 011.JPG
Second trip to the buffet (in two days), plate one (of three). I realized that that whole time in Taiwan, I don’t think I ate a single potato. Three months! Potato stir-fry here was incredible.

2013-01-31 to Zhangpu 039.JPG

Broccoli, fried taro, two kinds of tofu/celery, bowl of rice. $1.25.

?2013-01-31 to Zhangpu 012.JPG

I know it’s not a new picture but…isn’t jackfruit crazy?


2013-01-31 to Zhangpu 016.JPG

I’ve fallen into the bad habit of eating street food for lunch. Sweet potates, veggie pucks, radish cake – a buck a plate.

2013-01-31 to Zhangpu 021.JPG


2013-01-31 to Zhangpu 020.JPG

Drippin’ with oil.

2013-02-02 to Shantou 009.JPG

This one too – some sort of savory deep-fried glutinous rice powder cake. Dense. Jiggly. Tasty, but 1/3 is enough. The best part was the shiitakes in the middle.

2013-02-02 to Shantou 002.JPG

Awesome breakfast from the morning market: three cabbage dumplings, three appledate things, two dried persimmons. One dollar. F**K YOU, Dunkin’ Donuts.

2013-02-02 to Shantou 008.JPG
Fried chive balls.

2013-02-01 to Zhaoan 015.JPG

“A plate of fried rice that will fill you up.” One dollar. In Korea, one dollar buys you a small bowl (1/3 this size) of plain white rice. Weak.

2013-02-01 to Zhaoan 002.JPG
I was pretty sure this lady was selling radish cakes, so I bought two. Turned out they were like little self-contained Egg McMuffins. Utterly amazing. Crispy, crepe kind of outsides, with a layer of sauteed carrots on top, then a perfectly cooked egg puck in the middle. I’m trying to keep up the veganism, so I wouldn’t buy them again knowing what I know now. But dang, they were fantastic. If I ever get a chance to buy happy eggs, I know the first thing I’m going to make.

2013-02-03 Shantou 018.JPG

Banana pancakes are becoming my go-to meal to cook for hosts.

2013-02-01 to Zhaoan 011.JPG

Eggplant, how I missed thee, even though I ate you almost every day in Taiwan.

2013-02-04 to Huilai 014.JPG

Nothing beats a heaping plate of fried noodles (chow mein) on a cold and drizzly night.

2013-02-04 to Huilai 001.JPG

DID YOU KNOW: The number of “leaves” on the little clover shape on the bottom of mangosteens reflects the number of sections the mangosteen will be divided into within? Better not let the Intelligent Design crowd hear about this one…

2013-02-04 to Huilai 004.JPG

Now you have to believe me.

2013-02-04 to Huilai 007.JPG

Winky’s mom liked cooking with Shiitakes. Good call.


2013-02-04 to Huilai 008.JPG

Canton-style soup: a couple of grains, a couple of nuts, some shrooms, some starches, some meats, sometimes a bit of papaya…

2013-02-05 to Lufeng 034.JPG
2013-02-05 to Lufeng 035.JPG

Above two: Whoever tells you that being a vegetarian in China is hard (I’m sure many of you have been told this…) has clearly never tried to be a vegetarian in China. Here’s my method. 1) Walk up to boss. 2) Say “I’ll give you $3, you make me two vegetable dishes and a bowl of rice. 3) Say “yes, spicy is OK.” 4) Kick back until it’s grub time.

2013-02-05 to Lufeng 017.JPG

Sweet green lentil cakes courtesy of the measly family (see previous post).

2013-02-06 to Jilongzhen 043.JPG

Dried/pickeld/candied fruit central. You can bet I’ll be back there before skipping town in the morning.

So, yup, I’m eating well. If I ever turn this project into a book, maybe I’ll title it “Getting fat on five bucks a day.”

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4 Responses to Mainland Grub – FOOD from week Twenty-something

  1. mingyulee says:

    mike!!! I cannot believe you took all those pictures!!! you are awesome!!!

  2. Adam says:

    something is indeed wrong with a world where Dunkin’ Doughnuts are more expensive than actual real food that is 100x more delicious. Sweet food pics man, drool.