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As soon as I debussed in Nanning, I reassembled my bike and headed to the Vietnamese embassy, where I applied for my visa and arranged to pick it up in two days’ time. There also happened to be a group … Continue reading

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Zhuhai to Macau and Back Again

We set out from Guangzhou the following morning fairly early and rode alllll day long, partially because we had 140km to cover and partially because we happened to choose China’s slowest restaurant for lunch. It’s not rare even for pretty … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart

Today is day 190 – that means more than six months on the road. Somehow, I’m still both alive and not completely out of my mind. Mostly uncoutched by inclement weather, major bicycle accidents, illness, robbery, or any other form … Continue reading

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The Last (Chinese) Suppers

It’s hard to believe, but my days in China are now officially numbered. It sort of came up all of a sudden – at first I didn’t know exactly how or when I’d get to Vietnam, and then somehow now … Continue reading

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Another Week, Another World-Famous City

I’m currently writing to you from the comfort of a sleeper bus. I’ve once again violated one of my “rules,” this time in the interest of covering the next 2500 kilometers in under two weeks so that I can meet … Continue reading

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Hong Kong for a Day

When last I left you, I hadn’t actually arrived in Hong Kong. Now I have. Here’s the rest of the story. But first, some moralizing regarding these remains from the night market. People looked at me funny as I walked … Continue reading

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Shantou – Hong Kong

A part of me wishes that like events would happen in clusters so that I could give my posts snazzy, thematic titles. So that I could have some sort of social phenomena to interpret. So that I could offer some … Continue reading

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Mainland Grub – FOOD from week Twenty-something

It’s mango season! These guys tend to be so messy, though, that I haven’t picked any up yet. Pretty stupid of me. First stop upon landing in Xiamen: the Lonely-planet recommended peanut porridge shop. Sounds nice, but I can never … Continue reading

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Goodbye MiD, Hello 3RR

Dear friends, family, and followers few, I’ve decided to put an end to Mike in Daegu. It’s been a nice six+ years (!), but I’ve now been out of Daegu for almost six months and have already embarked on the … Continue reading

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China Revisited

Mothers pull down their children’s pants so they can urinate on the sidewalk. Cranes are everywhere, as are piles of rubble. The wind blows dust into little man-sized tornadoes. Scooters, cars, and trucks honk continuously. Nobody wears helmets. A small … Continue reading

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