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A Sad Farewell to Taiwanese Food

I still haven’t quite worked up the nerve to stick my camera in unsuspecting strangers’ face to get those beautiful up-close-and-pesonal shots. Nor, as you will see later, have I figured out how to take pictures that do justice to … Continue reading

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Tai-winding down

After a week of chilling up North, a week of chilling down South, and a week of chilling on the Farm, Mingyu and I decided we’d like to give the mountains of Taiwan a chance to kick our asses.  The … Continue reading

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Meet "Wanderer" (and it isn’t me)

As I hope the previous post showed, we met a whole host of interesting people at Nan’ao.  AJ, the boss, who retired from his computer engineering job to start the farm.  Sam, his son, who quickly took interest and before … Continue reading

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Living The Good Life at Nan’ao Natural Farm

I knew that Mingyu was going to meet up with a Korean friend here in Taiwan.  What I didn’t know was that she had already made plans for a farmstay at Nan’ao Natural Farm, one of Taiwan’s best known.  How … Continue reading

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More Taiwanese Treats, Part Two

Ready to gain a few pounds vicariously? Fried broad beans in several different flavors, including curry. Auntie working on some more pan bread.  I asked her if we could make it together, but apparently with all the waiting it takes … Continue reading

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Takin’ It Easy in Taiwan

In which I am reunited with my official photographer/ukelelist/korean conversation partner/(what exactly do I bring to this friendship?)/ fellow cycle maniac MINGYULEE and we resume our hijinks. Ah, how distant those memories from over four months and six thousand kilometers … Continue reading

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