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The Moochfest Continues

In which I take it easy for a week.  I arrived in Taiwan nice and refreshed.  When I reserved my ferry ticket, I got a coupon for a free upgrade from “Middle Class C” to “Middle Class B,” which turned … Continue reading

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Week 9-11 Food!

Our first run-in with fresh sugar cane!  It looks like bamboo with a big tuft of leaves at the top.  The vendors use a machete to hack off the bark and then to chop it into foot-long sections.  When you … Continue reading

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Alternate Title: Depending On Who You Ask, I Either Have or Have Not Left China.  Sunrise as seen from the boat.  “What’s the next station on your journey?” is a question I hear a lot. “I’m going to go to … Continue reading

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The Last Leg of the First Leg; or MOOCHFEST; or, Alone but Never Alone

After being stuffed up in the city for a solid five days, spending a night on the train, riding the next morning in the rain for three hours, and suffering a (bike) breakdown the following day, I needed a good … Continue reading

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One of the Worst Things That Can Happen (to a bicycle) Finally Does, and It’s Not All That Bad

Before leaving Korea, I made sure to prepare for just about any and all possible road eventualities.  I have shirts for different situations and temperatures.  I have Tupperware for my leftovers.  I have a spare tube and not one but … Continue reading

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Week 9: New Beginnings

Hello, friends! Wow, it’s been ten days or more since I’ve had an internet connection decent enough to do anything more than read a few emails.  What follows is a mess of fragments composed and updated at various points since … Continue reading

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