Week 2 Food Recap

After gorging way too much during the first week, we’ve both decided to cut back on the food a bit.  In the morning, we generally eat something easy so that we can hit the road quickly – maybe a pastry along with some nuts and fruit.  After an hour or so or whenever we get a chance, we nab a pit of street food, mostly dumplings or bread, to tide us over until lunch, where we either drop by an old-style market and grab some bread and side dishes, or stop at a restaurant and split one dish.  The same for dinner, unless we’re camping (which is nearly half the time), in which case, sometime in the afternoon, an hour or two before we anticipate stopping for the night, we pick up some fruits and veggies and to use either as a full meal or as a side for some noodles. 
Thus, unfortunately, I don’t have quite as many photos to relay as last time.  Still, tons of good stuff, and much better digestion.  Here (6Y = $1):

Awesome baklava-like pastry stuff.

Spicy eggplant stirfy.  5Y/lb

Tofu noodles.   8Y

Crepe-bread from the market.  6Y/lb

Sooybean sautee – 6Y.  They’d make it without the meat if I asked, but since Mingyu is eating too, whatever. 

Egg, tomato, and cilantro soup – 6Y

Buffet breakfast at a market.  Fried eggplants, sautéed potatoes, and sautéed string beans and peanuts with rice for 8Y

Camping salad – 3Y

Runny tofu with sauce (8Y)

Bak choy and shiitakes ordered randomly off a menu I could hardly read.  (12Y)

Veggie dumplings (6Y)

Shredded cabbage, onion, and egg stir-fry (12)

Fried eggplants, potatoes, and bell peppers, the basic vegetarian dish (12Y )

Only the finest!

More tofu noodles (12Y)
Some weird candy I bought.  I was hoping it would be about 90% cherries.  It turned out to be a 1lb block of sugar with some dried cherries on top.    Took me four days to eat the whole thing.  Nearly made me sick. 
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3 Responses to Week 2 Food Recap

  1. jeff says:

    Dude you are awesome

  2. Hey Brother MikeMikeMikeMIke,

    I was thinking of a spot to check out for you. Hua Shan. amongst a bunch of others I hadn’t thought of when I came across another adventurer’s blog. Check it out if you have a little time. Amazing photos. Might be inspiring for you….


    May your food be healthy and your trails be clear of evil doers.

    Man Love,

    Lou E

  3. Mike says:

    J: I yam what I yam!

    L: Looks sweet. I’ll toss ’em on the old itinerary.