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On the Farm Again: Shared Harvest

If you have been following the Mike Map above, you may have noticed that though Mingyu and I arrived in Beijing more than fifteen days ago we have yet to escape its clutches.  First it was Mingyu’s visa stuff, which … Continue reading

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China:One Month

Now that I’ve been vagabonding around the Northeast for a month and a day, I feel I’m qualified to say a few things about China and about life on the road. The People Getting along with everyone here has been … Continue reading

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Solo Week Photo Log

Fauxbo’s Dilemma Sweet Potato Chips Resting in a park Homestay grandma and grandkid Homestay courtyard Dudes hangin’ out.  I popped by this old town called Jimingyi.  It was definitely the coolest people-made place I’ve been too so far.  It was … Continue reading

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Going Solo

Yes, the inevitable has happened and I am roaming around China all by my lonesome this week.  Mingyu has some visa stuff to sort out, and I figured that since I had already taken care of all my business in … Continue reading

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A Real-time Fauxbo’s Dilemma

It’s slightly past 11 AM.  You’ve been cycling, mostly uphill, for over two hours.  The day has been overcast but you worked hard enough that you did sweat a bit.  Particularly your feet.  You finally hit a town and swing … Continue reading

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Week 3 Food Recap

Though we’re still eating well and enjoying every meal, the trend of having fewer and fewer foods to take pictures of continues.  We’ve started to get repeats when using random menu pointing as our method of choosing dishes.  Also, I … Continue reading

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Week 3 Road Recap, and some Milestones

It’s slightly past eight and going on pitch black.  In the distance I can hear the sounds of a few stray cars cruising down the highway, making their way into or out of Beijing, while immediately surrounding me I hear … Continue reading

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The Jackpot

Time Warp: Back to the evening of the fifth day of my bike trip in Korea. I had just passed over the top of Jinburyeong. While I sat and panted in a convenience store parking lot, a few people gave … Continue reading

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Week 2 Food Recap

After gorging way too much during the first week, we’ve both decided to cut back on the food a bit.  In the morning, we generally eat something easy so that we can hit the road quickly – maybe a pastry … Continue reading

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Week 2 Road Recap

Yeah, so much for that plan of doing food on Mondays and Road on Fridays. It looks like my writing schedule will be determined by external factors, such as: a) how sweaty and nasty and generally uncomfortable I am after … Continue reading

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