How Times Have Changed

Jeff Stepp, master archivist and my someday biographer, unearthed this gem from deep in the annals of mikeindaegu:
“And speaking of supermarket price gouging, I’m reminded that I was
nearly sent into shock upon noticing that broccoli here, on sale,
costs more than beef in America. It’s about 14000 won/kg, which works
out to something like 5 bucks a pound. As if I needed another excuse
not to eat vegetables…”
I ordered a tub of broccoli from a restaurant here the other day.  World travel, what have you done to me?!?! 
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2 Responses to How Times Have Changed

  1. Dave says:

    Jeff is also a master [de]bater. You should definitely keep him on the payroll.

    The Google Map is an awesome addition. My only suggestion: make every 5th or 10th ping a different color. It will make it easier to keep track of how long you’ve been about (kind of like diagonal day marks on a prison wall). Oh, and a second (or third?!) color will make the map that much prettier!