On our first morning in China, Mingyu shaved my head!  Most of the way.  Leaving a little Mohawk in the middle.  Interestingly, three years of ponytail action appear to have left a quirky part in down the middle.  I hope it’s not permanent.  
I had intended to do it on the boat, letting my locks fall into the bay all romantic-style, but Mingyu’s beard-shaver is so old that it can no longer hold a charge.  Instead, we did it in our Couchsurfing host’s bathroom not too long after he had left for work.   Far from the traumatic experience I had expected, it was actually pretty fun.  Nearly four years of (silently, fruitlessly) fighting convention, stereotypes, direct orders from by boss (when I had one), and plain old fashion sense all came to an end in under half an hour.  Now I can feel the breeze on my scalp as I ride, I can get by without shampoo, and, best of all, the only signs that I haven’t showered lately are olfactory.  I feel in part like a sissy for having taken the easy route – after all, there are lots of cool hippie guys and gals who travel even the hottest regions with long locks or even dreads – but, at the same time, I like to pet my own head rather than that of dogs bearing mystery infections, and also, I look almost like a UFC dude, minus the muscles and tattoos.  Those are coming soon…
Three days, no time or place to shower.
Full Effect
Halfway Gone
My Precious!

Not quite symmetrical, but…
Anyone looking to adopt a pet?
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6 Responses to Hairwell

  1. Jieun Jung says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ너무 웃겨.ㅋㅋㅋ 마지막 사진 진짜 동물같네. 그리고 마이크 머리 자르니 훨씬 잘생겨 보임!

  2. Just think how happy you made some birds who were looking for hair to further insulate their nests! Totally digging the buzz cut

  3. I hope you kept it in a little baggy, and when you get to the top of K2, or the end of the Ganges River, or wherever you decide to end your journey, you spread your hair in the wind like a cremated person’s ashes.

  4. stacia says:

    I did the same thing right before I left on my ride across the USA. It was awesome, and so easy to deal with on the road!

    Enjoying the heck out of your updates.

  5. Dave says:

    Primo post title! Your HAIRrowing exploits continue to be enjoyable.

    I disagree with the “Cloonyish” caption. I think you’ve got more of a pirate David Beckham look going on! Once again, minus the muscles and tattoos.

  6. Seth Conger says:

    Now that it’s been awhile, any regrets on losing the hair?